Children’s dresses, terracotta

no 66


Children’s dresses,
terracotta on a wooden base,
signed by Jef Lambeaux and date – unreadable.

Jef (Joseph Marie Thomas) Lambeaux (1852-1905) – Belgian sculptor born in Antwerp. He studied at the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts. He belonged to a group of young artists “Van Beers clique” founded by Jan van Beers. His works were exhibited both in Antwerp, Brussels, Liege and Paris. He died in Brussels in 1908.
The most famous sculpture is the monumental relief “Human Passions” in Brussels in the “Temple of Human Passions.” Other works are at the Leuven Museum, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp and the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent.


Height 48 cm, diameter 38 cm


5500 zł

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