Female Satyr with Puttas terracotta figure

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Female Satyr with Puttas terracotta figure,
beginning of XX thC,
signed Clodion.

Clodion (1738-1814)
Claude Michel, known as Clodion, was a French sculptor of the Rococo style. In 1755, Clodion went to Paris and entered the workshop of his uncle, the sculptor Lambert-Sigisbert Adam. After his death, he became a pupil of J. B. Pigalle. In 1759, he was awarded the great prize of sculpture by the Académie Royale. Three years later, Clodion went to Rome. Catherine II of Russia had called him to the court in St. Petersburg; however, he decided to return to Paris in 1771, where he became very successful and exhibited often at the Salon. Clodion worked mainly with terracotta; his favored subject matter were nymphs, satyrs, bacchants and other classical figures, which he portrayed in a sensual way. Together with his brother he also designed objects like chandeliers, watches and vases. Later he oriented himself more towards Neoclassic monumentality – the relief of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in Paris is one of his works. Other famous works are the statue of Montesqieu, a dying Cleopatra and a chimney piece. His sculptures and reliefs are preserved in numerous public collections (Paris, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles).


Height 56 cm


4800 zł

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