Louis XVI style living room seating set

no 283


Louis XVI style living room seating set consisting of a sofa and three armchairs. The furniture with curved structure, upholstered on the seats and backrests, each supported on four turned, tapered, caned legs. The backs of the armchairs and sofas are slightly concave, and the upholstered supports are curved. The seats are wider at the front with upholstery fixed on springs. The wooden elements are carved in the form of floral threads and small buttons, in the backrests there is a larger element in the form of acanthus leaves.
The furniture in good condition, traces of use on the upholstery.
Wooden structure in polychrome, early 20thC


Sofa size 98 x 131 x 68 cm, armchairs size 94,5 x 67 x 52 cm.


6900 zł

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