Pair of Dutch Baroque style Chairs

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Pair of Dutch Baroque style Chairs, inlaid with wavy frame elements, padded on the seat, with a board on the backrest, supported on four legs ending in a foot, the front wider, cabriole, the back sabre-like, being an extension of the backrest. The frame, legs and backrest richly inlaid with floral patterns, tendrils of plants, and on the finial of the backrest also with cupids with trumpets. Seat laid on a frame with straps, padded with horsehair.
Typical salon chairs in Dutch furniture style with richly inlaid elements.
Walnut construction, marquetry from different kind of woods, mid 19th century.


106 x 53 x 44 cm, wysokość siedziska 49 cm


2700 zł

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