A secretaire in the Dutch Baroque style

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A secretaire in the Dutch Baroque style, two-part, with a glass top and a full bottom. In the base there are two larger and two smaller drawers placed under a hinged flap, under which there are twelve smaller drawers with brass drawers and a compartment under a sliding board, while the flap itself is lined with leather. At the top, a glass extension on three sides with two lockable doors, with a wavy top, decorated with a wide, bevelled strip. Everything is supported on four legs, front angular, converging, rear console legs. All surfaces of the furniture are richly inlaid with various types of wood in the form of flower buds, leaves and many floral patterns. On the sides of the lower cabinet there is a reserve with two wooden veins and a flower bouquet in a vase placed inside it. Inside, there are two shelves in the upper section, brass fittings and keys on the fronts of the drawers.
Oak construction, veneered with walnut, inlays from various types of wood, brass fittings, c. 1800.
Traces of previous repairs.


230 x 103 x 58 cm


14500 zł

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