An inlaid Vitrine

no 294


An inlaid Vitrine with simple skeleton elements, glazed on three sides, supported on four slender, angular, converging legs, ending with a spatula. Closed by a pair of doors with inlaid panels in the lower part, showing an oval field with cups of flowers with a subtle wreath in the center, all placed in a rectangular reserve with a frame. At the top of the door, there is an inlay in the form of a flower garland. In the right door there is a lock with a key and a key with a pull rod. Narrow-veined marquetry at the top of the batten. Three fabric-lined shelves inside, as well as the back.
Mahogany construction, inlays of various types of wood, England, early 20th century


171 x 106 x 33 cm


3500 zł

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