A richly carved extendable Table

no 133


A richly carved extendable table with a round top, supported on six carved legs with brass rollers at the end. On the edge of the table top there is a carved strip, below a wide, massive strip with decorations in the form of overlapped, openwork wooden appliqués, showing intertwined acanthus leaves with an oval field in the middle. On the same slat above each leg, a carved rectangular element with a flower inside. Massive, fluted legs, tapered downwards, with sculptures in the form of a man’s head with a large beard against the background of acanthus leaves, arranged in a spiral beech tree.
Oak construction, veneered with oak, late 19th century.
There are two veneered tops for the table.
The maximum length of the table after unfolding is 540 cm.


76 x 140 x 140 (540) cm


6800 zł

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