A Napoleon III style jewellery Table

no 268


A Napoleon III style jewellery Table with a hinged top, straight on the front and back and rounded on the sides. The whole is supported on four turned, cannelled legs, joined at the bottom with bended link decorated with brass application in the form of olive lamp. The top and sides are decorated with engraved brass sheet in the form of rich floral motifs, flowers and shells. Around the top and at the bottom of the table there is a brass strip, narrower veins also on the legs and the lower link. On the back of the top there is a mirror, in the chest there is a drawer with a lock and key, smaller drawers and a sliding top.
Beech and mahogany construction, veneered with ebony and rosewood, brass, 2nd half of 19th c.


68 x 69 x 42 cm


4900 zł

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