A Napoleon III style Sideboard

no 322


A Napoleon III style Sideboard with a bent construction, narrower at the front, closed with one wing of a rounded door with an applied steel lock and key, supported by a wide, wavy strip with two front legs. At the top, which is a reflection of the structure of the furniture, a marble top. From the front, it is decorated with marquetry made of brass sheet in the form of vases, flowers and plants placed in an oval reserve, as well as in four corner fields and the upper strip. An oval field enclosed in an engraved, gilded strip, openwork applications on the sides, and a few veins made of brass sheet on the outside. Rounded front corners, decorated with applications in the form of women surrounded by plant twigs. The cornice is framed by two, and the plinth by one gilded brass strip. Two shelves inside.
Oak construction, veneered with ebony and birch, brass sheet marquetry, gilded bronze, marble top, second half of the 19th century.
Object after renovation.


109 x 113 x 42 cm


13800 zł

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