Regency style chaise longue

no 292


Regency style chaise longue with a curved frame structure, supported on four turned legs, carved front, all finished with brass rollers with engraved leaves at the top. The side of the chaise longue on the right side is higher, curved at the top with rocaill carvings, the left side is identical, but lower. On both sides there is a filigree, gilded bronze openwork applique in the form of intertwined leaves with flower buds protruding from small vases, carefully chiseled. Similar applications are mounted on the front fascia at the bottom and on the bent strip at the back of the furniture. All upholstered, also on the back and sides of the outside, with decorative copper studs along the entire length. Center with a removable seat, rollers on both sides for the head.
Rosewood construction, gilded bronze, carvings, mid-19th century
Furniture in very good condition.


88 x 186 x 67 cm, wysokość siedziska 42 cm


7900 zł

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