A large Urbino type Vase

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A large Urbino type vase, on a round, slightly arched base, narrower in the middle, with a large, wide belly and a curved collar in the top. In the upper part, handles in the form of winding two green and mottled hoses on each side, with heads supported on the vase collar. Underneath the hoses, semi-plastic, colourful forms of mascarons. Base in the colors blue and cobalt, with butterflies and fruits on a background of green leaves. The belly on one side showing Bacchus with its dawn and americas, grapes and wine barrel, on the other side two trees and buildings from the period against the background of mountains. A collar with identical motifs as the base.
Vase after gentle renovation of the base.
Majolica, Italy, c. 1900.


Height 87 cm


8400 zł

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