Baroque-type corner Display Cabinet

no 297


Baroque-type corner Display Cabinet, two-piece, supported on three legs, two front angular, conical, rear angular, massive. The bottom is slightly bent from the front, closed with a pair of profiled doors, richly inlaid with various types of wood. Both panels placed in the reserves, decorated with inlays in the form of flower bouquets in baskets, from which twigs with flowers hang freely, hung on a long ribbon, all enclosed in a double wooden vein. On the slats of the frame there are inlays in the form of flower garlands, at the bottom there are cornucopias, and on the top there is a gargoyle placed in acanthus leaves. The door is fitted with a steel lock and key. Extension with a glazed, one pair of doors, with a mortise lock and key, with the same decorations as the base. The top is arched with a carved corbel in the middle. Two shelves inside, one at the bottom,
Oak construction, veneered with mahogany, inlays made of various types of wood, woodcarving, brass fittings, early 19th century.
Furniture in good condition.


214 x 112 x 60 cm



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