Napoleon III type Vitrine

no 35


Napoleon III type vitrine of simple construction, supported on a console rail, closed by a pair of glazed doors, with an applied steel lock and key. From the front in the front corners brass appliqués in the form of openwork floral and shell patterns, brass hardware also at the lock on the door. Above on the molding an oval porcelain with a painting depicting a couple sitting under a tree, where the man is playing a mandolin, below it a brass molding around the perimeter. From the front, all surfaces of the display case decorated with delicate wood veining. Inside, two shelves lined with navy blue fabric, including the back, the whole piece of furniture blackened.
Mahogany-pine construction, blackened, brass, miniature painting on porcelain, late 19th century.


105 x 107 x 32 cm


3200 zł

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