Gilt and patinated bronze mantel Clock

no 341


Gilt and patinated bronze mantel clock with a wider base engraved with floral threads, supported by four legs, accented with acanthus leaves and flowers. At the base of the clock a relief profile portrait of Rousseau. Above on the rocks, the figure of the thoughtful teacher Saint-Preux from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s novel “Juliet, New Heloise” – a novel written in 1761 about the unhappy love between a humble teacher and his aristocratic pupil Juliet of Clarens, written in the form of letters between lovers. There is a love letter and a telescope lying next to a man.

The mechanism after watchmaker’s inspection, with hour and half hour system, spring winding with original key. The case back bears labels from previous watchmaking inspections. The enamel dial, white, with blackened Roman numeral hours.
Gilt and patinated bronze, partially polished, France, mid 19th century.


47 x 37 cm


5750 zł

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