no 333


Two parts Cabinet, the top closed by a pair of doors, the bottom with four drawers, supported on a plinth. The two narrower drawers and two grey drawers with brass pulls and keys, inside of which are steel, applied and signed locks. The faces of the drawers and doors with wooden veins around the perimeter, two narrower at the edge and wider inside. On the door leaves, in oval reserves, marquetry in the form of rich, multi-coloured, spreading flower bouquets, placed in vases, made of various types of wood. Inside, three shelves, a lock in one wing and two brass bolts in the other.
Pine and oak construction, veneered with mahogany and walnut, inlay in various types of wood, brass keys and pulls, mid-19th c.
Locks signed VR (Victoria Reginal) PATENT 4 LEVER


202 x 136 x 65 cm


7500 zł

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