Large Baroque vitrine

no 417


A two-part baroque vitrine with a body with two wide drawers at the bottom and two smaller ones at the top, and a glazed set, closed with a pair of doors. The whole is supported on four legs, the front ones in the form of angular, carved blocks, the rear console legs, profiled. One of the drawers is concave, the others are convex, with brass dies on the sides and a key in the middle, a lock inside each of them. The retable is glazed from the front, the door is rounded with a carved slat in the form of flowers and acanthus leaves, with simple muntins, arched at the top. The finial is strongly profiled with a wide strip and a large corbel in the middle. Inside, one shelf with a steel door handle and three drawers at the bottom with small dies. Front corners arranged at an angle, apron with carving at the bottom.
Oak construction, woodcarving, brass fittings, late 18th century
Furniture in good condition.


237 x 172 x 58 cm


8500 zł

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