“Retour de pêche”, Eugène Laurent

no 151


Retour de pêche” – a bronze figure depicting a young woman returning from catching seafood, which is visible on a wicker basket hung on the right forearm of the lady. The very figure of a woman dressed in an airy dress girdled with a narrow belt, with bows on the front and a scarf on her head, standing on a stone with her bare feet. Left hand raised to the forehead that protects it from the sun, in the right hand a stick for catching crabs and other seafood is visible. Round base, concave in the center.
Bronze, partially patinated, signed on the basis of E.LAURENT, late 19th century.
Eugène Laurent (1832 – 1898) – born in 1832. in the village of Gray, French sculptor. In the years 1861-1893, he repeatedly exhibited his works at exhibitions in Paris. His works were characterized by high quality and attention to detail.


Wysokość 56 cm


5900 zł

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