A cupid clock

no 122


A cupid clock with a rectangular base, made of pink marble, transforming into a round pedestal on which a bisqueue figure was placed. The whole is supported by four engraved, gilded bronze, openwork legs in the form of mascarons and plant flagella. The figure shows a thoughtful cupid sitting on a stone, with a rose at his feet and a quiver at the back. One of the wing is glued again, but the connection is almost invisible. The mechanism is placed in a marble sleeve, with a glass, round closure. A porcelain dial with colored flower garlands, blackened Arabic numerals for the hours and openwork hands. The mechanism is operational, with a full and half-hour beating system and a winding key. On the body, from the inside, the stamp of the Vincenti & Cie MEDAILLE D’ARGENT 1855 manufactory.
A bisque figure, marble base, gilded bronze legs, Paris, late 19thC.


Height 37 cm


3300 zł

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