Silver coffee and tea service

no 269


Silver coffee and tea service, consisting of a coffee pot, tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl. Each of the elements is placed on a round, engraved base, turning above into a polished belly. Jugs and a sugar bowl with lids finished with small cones. All elements carved in the form of plant twigs, flowers and patterns, additionally a sugar bowl gilded inside. The spouts in the jugs are slender and narrow, while in the milk jug it is wider and flat. On the sides of each vessel, wooden, profiled ebony handles.
Silver, total weight 1960 grams, repaired ebony handles, late 19th century.
Signed Karl Kurz, Kesselstadt – Germany.

Height of coffee pot: 26 cm, tea pot 18 cm, creamer 16 cm, sugar bowl 15 cm.


8900 zł

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