A Boulle type Clock with Console

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A Boulle type Clock with Console, set on four S-shaped legs decorated with foliage, closed at the front with a glazed door, arched at the top, locked with a key, with glazed sides. The whole surface of the box is covered with chicory marquetry and brass sheet depicting floral patterns and numerous bronze applications in the form of acanthus leaves. On the door there is a chiseled application in the form of flowers and plant tendrils. The back door and the floor of the box are also decorated with brass. In the finial, on the canopy, there is a figure of a boy sitting on the top, made of polished bronze, with doves on his hand, wearing a sash.

Original Console also decorated with tortoiseshell and brass, with floral appliqués and bronzes on the front, sides and a moulding in the finial. The dial is enameled, with Roman numerals of hours and minutes engraved on the perimeter. The mechanism is spring-wound, with a system of hours and half-hours, with a steel bell-case and engraved pendulum.
Wooden construction, marquetry of brass and tortoiseshell, bronze, mechanism signed H&F Paris, circa 1880.
Clock and console to renovation.


Clock size 70 x 33 x 13 cm, console size 24 x 37 x 19 cm


14500 zł

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